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Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List and Overview
Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List

All of you are welcome to Swadesh Basu Hospital. Swadesh Basu Hospital has achieved trust, support, and an excellent reputation throughout the nation for its quality medical service at the perfect time. 

Not in years, but every day multiple sick people and their family members visit here from different parts of the nation to get the best treatment and support from Swadesh Basu Hospital.

We are providing the Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List and their specifications so that you may have their details and decide which doctor will be best for you or your dear ones. 


  • We are here Since:  
  • Name of Managing Director: 
  • Specialization in: 
  • OPD Timings of Hospital: Monday – Sat 09:00 am – 07:00 pm
  • We Accept: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card

Hospital Delegation:


Edoctor booking - Hospital CertificationsEdoctor booking - Hospital Certifications

Swadesh Basu Hospital Appointment Number & Contact Details:

Contact Details: 


Address: Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700063


Swadesh Basu Hospital Amenities & Facilities and Patient Care

24 hours SupportAccommodationDietLab AssistanceCar or Ambulance ServicePharmacy

Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List by Departments

Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List Written Below the Chart

Department of Urologist

Dr.B.K. Chatterjee


Department of Dermatologist

Dr.K. Banerjee

Department of Gynecology

Dr.R. Malakar

Dr.B.C. Roy

Dr.T. Chatterjee

Dr.J. Basak

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Department of General Surgeon

Dr.M. Kundu

Dr. Saradindu Ghosh

Dr.B.K. Ghosh

Department of Ophthalmologist

Dr.S. Siddhanta

Dr.S. Ghosal

Dr.P. Chatterjee

Department of Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr.S. Siddhanta

Department of Pediatrician

Dr.R. Halder

Dr.N. Sarkar

Dr.A.K. Saha

Dr.R.N. Barman

Dr.P.S. Sinha

Department of Dentist

Dr.(Mrs.) A. Pal

Dr.P. Saha

Dr.A.K. Banerjee

Department of Cardiologist

Dr.G.S. Bera

Dr.D. Roy

Dr.R. Dutta

Department of ENT Surgeon

Dr.B. Chakraborty

Department of Anesthesiologist

Dr.J. Mathew

Dr.D.K. Dhar

Dr.A. Sarkar

Dr.B.N. Bhaduri

Check Out All Departments of the Swadesh Basu Hospital Doctor List Here!

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