Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctors List

All of you are welcome to the Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctors List Post. Pinaccle Hospital has achieved trust, support, and an excellent reputation throughout the nation for its quality medical service at the perfect time. 

We are providing the Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctors List and their specifications so that you may have their details and decide which doctor will be best for you or your dear ones. 

Center of Excellence:

Pinaccle Hospital delivers exceptional treatment and care for a diverse range of diseases, leveraging its specialty expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Specialization in: Multi-Specialty Hospital
  • Address: APIIC Health City, Chingadili, Visakhapatnam.
  • OPD Timings of Hospital: Mon-Fri: 8 am to 4.30 pm | Sat: 8 am to 12.30 pm
  • We Accept: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card

Hospital Delegation:


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Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Appointment Number & Contact Details-

  • Information & Doctor Serial: 0891-676 9999 / +918978889738
  • Email:

Pinaccle Hospital Amenities & Facilities and Patient Care

24 hours SupportAccommodationDietLab AssistanceCar or Ambulance ServicePharmacy

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Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctors List by Departments

Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctor List Written Below the Chart

Pinaccle Hospital Vizag Doctors List

Medical Consultant

1. **Dr. Anil Kumar Nathi**
– *Specialization:* Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon

2. **Dr. David**
– *Specialization:* Chief Consultant Critical Care

3. **Dr. D. Srinivas**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Internal Medicine & Diabetologist

4. **Dr. G. Hannah Supriya**
– *Specialization:* HOD Physiotherapy

5. **Dr. K. Kalyan Chakravarthy**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Nephrologist

6. **Dr. K. V. Sri Devi**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Fetal Medicine

7. **Dr. K. Sujatha Naidu**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Radiologist

8. **Dr. M. Phanindranath Reddy**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Pulmonologist

9. **Dr. M. Roopalatha**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Quality Head – Laboratory Services

10. **Dr. M.S Deepak**
– *Specialization:* Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon

11. **Dr. N. Mahadeva Sastry**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Pathologist & Laboratory Director

12. **Dr. N. Narendranath**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Surgical Gastroenterology, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Bariatric Surgery, HPB Surgery, Liver Transplant & GI Oncology

13. **Dr. P.V Ramana**
– *Specialization:* HOD Neurosurgery & Spine surgery; Director Pinnacle Institute of Neurosciences

14. **Dr. Rakesh Godavarthi**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon (ENT)

15. **Dr. RamaRao**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Anaesthesia & Critical Care

16. **Dr. Sarat Chand**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Anaesthesia & Critical Care

17. **Dr. Sravan Kumar Korrapati**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Therapeutic Endoscopist

18. **Dr. Suresh Kumar**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Anaesthesia & Critical Care

19. **Dr. K. Deepthi Florence**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Endocrinologist

20. **Dr. N. Usharani**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Obstetrician & Urogynecologist

21. **Dr. K. Anusha**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Physician

22. **Dr. V.K. Vidyakar Veeramallu**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Urologist

23. **Dr. V. Sumedha Maturu**
– *Specialization:* Neurophysician

24. **Dr. G. Sai Kamal Kumar**
– *Specialization:* Consultant Microbiologist

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