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Welcome to the peerless hospital, your premier healthcare destination in Kolkata. We are proud to offer an extensive peerless hospital doctor list, ensuring that you receive the best medical care tailored to your needs. With a strong reputation for quality medical services and prompt attention, the peerless hospital has become a trusted name throughout the nation.

Every day, patients and their families from all corners of the country choose a peerless hospital for its exceptional treatment and unwavering support. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart, and we understand the significance of selecting the right doctor for your healthcare journey.

Browse through our peerless hospital doctor list, complete with detailed profiles and specializations, empowering you to make an informed decision. At the peerless hospital, we prioritize patient satisfaction, providing compassionate care that goes beyond expectations. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dedicated healthcare professionals are here to ensure your well-being.

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Experience world-class medical services at the peerless hospital, where your health is our top priority. Trust us for comprehensive care and peace of mind. 

    • Date of Establishment: 25 October 1932
    • Hospital Managing Director: Dr Sujit Kar Purkayasth
    • Hospital Location: 360 Panchasayar, Kolkata – 700 094, West Bengal, India
    • OPD Timings of Hospital: Monday – Sat 09:00 am – 07:00 pm
    • Payment Modes: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card

Hospital Delegation:

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Phone: 91 (33) 4011 1222, 2432 0075 / 4989, 2462 2394

Fax: 91 (33) 2462 0692

E-mail : /

Hospital Amenities & Facilities and Patient Care

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Peerless Hospital Doctor List –

Peerless Hospital Doctor List by Department Written Below the Chart –

Department of General Medicine

Dr Abhijit Roy MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr Anupam Maity MD (General Medicine)
Dr Asim Kumar Pal MD, FICA (USA), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin), FRCP (London)
Dr Chandramouli Bhattacharya MBBS, MD (Tropical Medicine), MRCP (Ireland), FRCP (Ireland), SCE in Infectious Diseases (UK)
Dr Chandramouli Mukherjee DNB (General Medicine)
Dr Kundan Chaurasia MD (General Medicine)
Dr Manisha Das Mondal MBBS, MRCP (UK), MRCP (Ire)
Dr Manitosh Ray MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lond.), FCCP (USA)
Dr Raja Basu MRCP (UK), IDCCM, EDIC, European Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine
Dr Satyabrata Ganguly MD, FICP
Dr Tirtha Pratim Purkait MD (General Medicine)

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Department of General Surgery

Dr Abhijit Chatterjee FRCS (not for WBHS/ECHS/Swastha Swathi patients)
Dr Debasish Banerjee MS, FRCS, Fellowship in Liver Transplantation
Dr Debjani Majumdar MRCS (Eng)
Dr Dhiraj Chowdhury MS, FRCS (Eng. & Edin.)
Dr Kankana Rana DNB (General Surgery)
Dr Mainak Pal MS, FMAS
Dr Prasenjit Bhattacharya MS, FMAS
Dr Sibnath Mandal MS (Cal); MRCS (Edin); AFRCS (Ire); FRCS (UK); CCST in General Surgery
Dr Somen Sanfui MS (Gen Surgery), MRCS (Edinburgh), Associate Consultant – General Surgery & Surgical Oncology
Dr Subhayan Bera MS (Gen. Surg.), FRCS (Edin.)

Department of Paediatric Neonatology and Paediatric Surgery

Dr Abhishek Nandi MS (Ortho), Post Doctoral Fellowship in Paediatric Orthopaedics (CMC Vellore)
Dr Amit Ray MD Paediatrics, DCH (Lond.), MRCP (Ireland), MRCP (UK)
Dr Jayanti Chakraborti MD(Paed), DCH (Lond.), MRCPCH(UK)
Dr Papiya Khawash MD (Paediatrics) (Cal.); MRCP (UK)
Dr S Shubhranshu Shekhar DCH, DNB (Paediatrics), Paediatric Surgery
Dr Amal Chakraborty MS, FRCS
Dr Dhananjay Basak MS, Mch (Paediatric Surgery)
Dr Sanghamitra Bhattacharyya MS, Mch (Paediatric Surgery)

Department of Dentistry and Maxilo facial

Dr Abhik Pyne MDS – Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr Abir Mukerjee BDS (Cal)
Dr Ankita Mukherjee Dental Surgery
Dr Bishnupada Samanta BDS (Dental Surgeon)
Dr Debadeep Chakravarty BDS (Cal), FDSRCS (Eng.)
Dr Nidhi Kanchan Nihal BDS (Manipal), FAGE (Manipal), MDS (Pedodontics, Bangalore)
Dr Pallav Kumar Ghoshal BDS, MDS (Orthodontics)
Dr Piyali Datta MDS (WBUHS) [Paedodontics & Preventive Dentistry]
Dr Sandeep Kumar Mitra BDS (Manipal Univ.), MDS in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics


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Department of Dermatology

Dr Abhijit Saha MD (Dermatology)
Dr Pranab Kumar Basak DVD, MD (Dermatology)
Dr Shouvik Ghosh MD (Dermatology)
Dr Siddhartha Das MD (AIIMS), DVD (Delhi)
Dr Sukanya Banerjee MD (DVL), Fellowship in Dermatosurgery & Cosmetology, Fellowship in Lasers & Dermatosurgery (NSC, Singapore)

Department of Cardiology

Dr Amrita Paul MD (Gen Medicine), DM (Cardiology)
Dr Anjan Lal Dutta MD (Medicine), DM (Cardiology), FCCP (USA)
Dr Devanu Ghosh Roy MD, DM, MRCP (UK), FRCP
Dr Indrani Syam DNB (General Medicine), DNB (Cardiology)
Dr Kaushik Biswas MD (Gen Med), DM (Cardio), MRCP (UK)
Dr Mainak Chatterjee MD (Gen Med), DM (Cardiology)
Dr Pradyot Kumar Jha MD, MRCP
Dr Soumik Chaudhuri MD, DM (Cardio)
Dr Swapan Paul MD, DM (Cardio)

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Biman Ghosh DGO, DRCOG, FPA, FRCOG (Lond.)
Dr Malabika Misra MD (Gynae. & Obs.), FMAS
Dr Rajiv Dhall MBBS, DGO, DNB (O & G), MD (O & G), FRCOG (London)
Dr Rupak Ranjan Roy MD, DNB, FRCOG (Lond.) (not for WBHS/ECHS/Swastha Swathi patients)
Dr Somen Das MD
Dr Soumitra Kumar DGO, MD
Dr Subhro Das MD (G&O)
Dr Sujata Dutta FRCOG (UK), CCT (Lond.) (not for WBHS/ECHS/Swastha Swathi patients)
Dr Tanuka Das (Gupta) MBBS, MS (Gynae & Obs), DNB (Gynae & Obs), MRCOG (London), FMAS
Dr Teesta Banerjee MS (Gynae & Obs), DNB (Gynae & Obs), FMAS

Department of Nephrology

Dr Jayanta Kumar Basu MBBS, MNAMS (General Medicine), Senior Consultant (Nephrology)
Dr Tanmay Mukherjee MD, DNB (Nephrology)

Department of Haematology

Dr Santanu Basu DCP, DMRT, MD
Dr Shazia Gulshan DCH, MD, DM(Clinical Hematology)

Department of Oncology

Dr Jyotirup Goswami MD (Radiotherapy), DNB (Radiotherapy), Professional Diploma in Clinical Research
Dr Madhuchanda Kar MD (Medicine)CU, PhD (Cancer Research)CU
Dr Rajib Bhattacharjee MBBS, MD (Medical Oncology), ECMO (European Society Certificate for Medical Oncology), PDCR

Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

Dr Ashim Kumar Dey MS, MCh
Dr Ashok Bandyopadhyay MS, MCh
Dr Priyadarshan Konar MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (CTVS)

Department of Diabetology & Endocrinology

Dr Amitabh Sur MD (General Medicine), DM (Endocrinology)
Dr Kalyan Kumar Gangopadhyay MD, MRCP (London), CCST (Endocrinology, UK)
Dr Sujoy Majumdar MD (General Medicine), MRCP, FRCP (Dublin), MACE (USA)

Department of Gastroenterology

Dr Asokananda Konar MD (Cal), MRCP (UK), FRCP (Lond.)
Dr Bhaskar Bikash Pal MD, DM (Gastro)
Dr J R Mahapatra MD (PGI Chandigarh), DM (Gastro.), MRCP (UK)
Dr Jaya Ghosh Chatterjee DNB (General Medicine), DNB (Gastroenterology)
Dr Kaushik Chatterjee MD, DM (CMC, Vellore), FAGIE (CMC, Vellore)
Dr P P Bose MD, DM (PGI Chandigarh)
Dr Sabyasachi Roy MRCPI, FRCPI, MACP, FACP (USA)
Dr Sujit Kar Purkayastha MD (Cal), FRCP (London & Glasgow)
Dr T N Lahiri Mazumder MD (AIIMS), DM (Gastro) AIIMS, GASTRO SURGERY
Dr Achintya Roy MS, FRCS, FICS
Dr Dipanakar Sen Gupta MS (Cal), FRCS (England)
Dr Sibnath Mandal MS (Cal); MRCS (Edin); AFRCS (Ire); FRCS (UK); CCST in General Surgery
Dr Somak Das MS, DNB (Surgical Gastroenterology)
Dr Tuhin Subhra Mandal MS (Gen Surgery), MCh

Department of Critical Care and Internal Medicine

Dr Ajoy Krishna Sarkar MD, MRCP(UK) (not for WBHS/ECHS/Swastha Swathi patients)
Dr Saurabh Debnath MBBS, DNB (Anaesthesiology), FNB (Critical Care Medicine)

Department of ENT

Dr Ashis Kumar Saha MS (ENT), DNB
Dr Dulal Bose MS, DLO, FIAMS, DNB (not for WBHS/ECHS/Swastha Swathi patients)
Dr Faisal Danish DLO
Dr Kamlendu Halder MS, DNB (ENT), Dip. Micro Ear Surgery
Dr M N Bhattacharyya DLO (Cal), DOHNS (England), MRCS (Edinburgh), MRCS (ENT Head & Neck Surgery)
Dr Shouvanik Satpathy MS (ENT)

Department of Neurology

Dr Asis Kumar Bhattacharyya MS, MCh, Fellow in Neuro-Oncology (Canada), Fellow in Skull Base Surgery (Canada), Fellow of advanced Microneuro surgery (Japan)
Dr Prasad Krishnan MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)
Dr Rahul De MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)
Dr Sibaji Dasgupta MS, MCh (Neurosurgery)
Prof (Dr) R P Sengupta MSc, FRCS, FRCS (Edin.), NNC NEUROLOGY
Dr Ashish Das MD, DM (Neurology)
Dr Debasish Choudhury MD, DNB (Neuro)
Dr Sabyasachi Ojha MD, DNB (Neurology)
Dr T K Banerjee MD (Cal), FRCP (London), FRCP (Edin,), FAAN

Department of Urology

Dr Abhijit Chatterjee FRCS
Dr Avisek Dutta MS (Gen Surgery), MCh (Urology)
Dr Binayak Sen FRCS (G), DNB, Dip Uro (London)
Dr Dilip Kr Karmakar MS, MCH
Dr Rajendra Prasad Ray MS, DNB, MCh (Urology)

Department of Orthopaedic

Dr (Prof) Madan Mohan Ray D.Ortho, MS (Orthopaedics)
Dr Debajyoti Mitra MBBS, DNB (Orthopaedic Surgery), MNAMS
Dr Dhananjoy Bera D. Ortho, DNB (Orthopaedics)
Dr Faresul Haque Mullick MBBS, DCH, DNB (Ortho)
Dr Maharshi Nandy DNB(Ortho.)
Dr Nikhilesh Das MS (Ortho), M Ch. (Ortho)
Dr Sabyasachi Bardhan DNB (Ortho.)
Dr Somnath De MS
Dr Soumya Kanti Bhattacharya MBBS, DMRT, D. ORTH, DNB (ORTH)
Dr Sudipto Mukherjee DNB (Ortho), New Delhi
Dr Swarnendu Samanta MS

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Overview of Peerless Hospital Kolkata

Peerless Hospital is a renowned healthcare facility located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is a multi-specialty hospital that provides comprehensive medical services to patients. The hospital is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare and advanced medical treatments.

Facilities and Infrastructure: Peerless Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern medical facilities. The hospital has well-maintained wards, operation theaters, intensive care units, and advanced diagnostic and imaging services. It also has specialized departments for various medical disciplines, including cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, and many others.

Medical Services: The hospital offers a wide range of medical services to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of patients. These services include emergency care, outpatient consultations, inpatient care, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and post-operative care. The hospital has a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors, surgeons, nurses, and support staff who provide personalized care and treatment to patients.

Specialties: Peerless Hospital is known for its expertise in various specialties. It has dedicated centers of excellence for cardiac care, neurosurgery, orthopedics, oncology, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, and more. The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies and equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment in these specialized areas.

Patient Care and Amenities: Peerless Hospital focuses on providing excellent patient care and comfort. The hospital has well-appointed patient rooms, comfortable waiting areas, and a friendly environment. It ensures that patients receive compassionate care, attention, and support throughout their treatment journey.

Research and Education: Peerless Hospital also actively engages in medical research and education. It participates in clinical trials and research studies to contribute to medical advancements. The hospital also conducts training programs, workshops, and conferences to enhance the knowledge and skills of medical professionals.

Accessibility: Located in Kolkata, Peerless Hospital enjoys a strategic location that makes it easily accessible to patients from within the city and neighboring areas. It is well-connected by road, and public transportation is readily available.

In summary, Peerless Hospital in Kolkata is a leading healthcare institution offering a wide range of medical services, advanced facilities, and specialized care. With its commitment to excellence, the hospital strives to provide the best possible healthcare experience to patients.


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