Hemorrhage causes and symptoms

Do you know how much bleeding can harm you? It is called hemorrhage which is a very serious disease. Hemorrhage causes have some variants in it so you have to know about them in detail, if you are interested to know then you are at the right place. We will help you to find out the answers to every small query regarding hemorrhage.

The reasons behind hemorrhage are very basic reasons but some internal hemorrhages do not have any specific reason. But external hemorrhages depend on the injury or any other outer reasons. Hemorrhage causes are totally curable but some exceptions are really tough. It can cause you death also.

What is Hemorrhage?

Excessive bleeding for no reason from a spoiled vessel is an actual hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is external and internal too. Basically, when a blood vessel or blood vein is totally damaged and not able to help in blood circulation, and it starts bleeding by itself, that is called hemorrhage. Hemorrhage causes always have some specific and valid reason to happen but sometimes it can bleed literally without any reason or just because the blood vessel has been damaged or totally injured. Hemorrhage is a short time bleeding but if it bleeds extremely then it can be a very dangerous disease. Also, it can take the patients’ lives.

However, hemorrhage is curable and it can be solved with some medicines. Most of the doctors say that hemorrhage is an internal bleeding disease that is hard to understand quickly but if the patient follows the right procedure then it can be fixed as well. Hemorrhage causes are a very serious issue, you should never overlook hemorrhage. Excessive hemorrhage can be a reason for multiple organ failure. So if you ever get any symptoms of that go to the doctor as fast as you can. Apart from this, hemorrhage also has different variations so you need to know about them in detail.

What are the major reasons behind Hemorrhage?

The main reasons for hemorrhage are damaged and injured blood vessels. Hemorrhage causes can vary, but the discussion still continues, mostly the blood vessels get injured because of high blood pressure. Apart from that high diabetes and cholesterol is also equally responsible for damaged blood vessels. Low blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol mostly get imbalanced because of bad food habits. Imbalanced and bad food habits are one of the most valid reasons behind damaging the blood vessel, which causes internal and external hemorrhage. Apart from that unhealthy diet or bad food habits are not only responsible for hemorrhage, but they can also cause many other harmful diseases.

Apart from this, drinking excessive alcohol and smoking habits also are major reasons for this disease. Alcohol makes the organs of our body weak. And after a lot of consumption of alcohol, the organs start to work slowly and they get numb. After several times of this, it can damage the organ. Also if a person who is suffering from a blood clotting disorder can be a victim of hemorrhage. Hemorrhage causes should be taken seriously, and always remember that internal hemorrhage is more dangerous than external hemorrhage.

Key-Types of Hemorrhage

Would you like to know how many many types of Hemorrhage is there? Well, Hemorrhage or bleeding has four different types in it. Which are quite connected to each other. Let’s have a look at the list. 

Key-Types of Hemorrhage
Source- Wikipedia


  • Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

According to some doctors, this is one of the most dangerous internal hemorrhages. In this case, the blood vessels start bleeding in between the brain and the surrounding membrane. A subarachnoid hemorrhage is an emergency it can cause a brain stroke. 


The symptoms of subarachnoid hemorrhage are not being able to see properly, feeling sick and numb every single time, and having a headache several times a day. Apart from this if anyone who is suffering from this might always have a bad mood and their neck gets stiff as well. 


  • Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage

Another dangerous internal hemorrhage is intraparenchymal hemorrhage. When the blood vessel gets clogged in the brain’s parenchyma area and starts internal bleeding it is called intraparenchymal hemorrhage. People can recover from brain hemorrhage but it takes a few times. 


The symptoms of intraparenchymal hemorrhage are basically weakness, nerve problems, sudden change in mood, extreme pain in the head, etc.


  • Epidural Hemorrhage

The epidural hemorrhage is a brain hemorrhage where the blood gets calcic in the specific area of the dura mater and skull. Which is the protector of the brain. It can be cured with surgery according to the doctor and they also recommend surgery to remove the blood.


The symptoms of epidural hemorrhage are extreme headache, vomiting, and difficulty seeing properly. The patient who is suffering from epidural hemorrhage is mostly confused with each and every little thing in their life. 


  • Subdural Hemorrhage

Subdural hemorrhage is an external hemorrhage that mostly happens because of any kind of head injury. The blood vessels burst from any kind of outside attack. There are no specific symptoms of subdural hemorrhage. Only external attacks are responsible for this. 


What are the Symptoms of Hemorrhage?

External hemorrhages do not have any specific reasons; it happens from an outside head injury. But internal hemorrhages have so many symptoms. Internal hemorrhages are more dangerous than external ones because you can not see the bleeding. Also, internal Hemorrhage is an emergency as well.


However, a person suffering from internal Hemorrhage can experience many things. Firstly, short-tempered and mood swings are the worst part of a brain hemorrhage. Also, headaches will be your all-time partner if you suffer from this disease. So these are the hemorrhage symptoms. 


Also, the brain hemorrhage makes the person numb and confused about things. The patient mostly gets irritated quickly. And they are confused, so they cannot decide at the right time. If you know anyone facing these problems, they might be suffering from Hemorrhage. 


Apart from that, low blood pressure, sweating for no reason, chest pain, and organ failure might be a reason for internal Hemorrhage. This can also cause brain strokes, so be careful with these symptoms. 


Major Treatment for Hemorrhage?

The best way to clear internal Hemorrhage is to rest at home and have good hydrated food habits. This is a self-care treatment if you or someone else suffers from an internal or external brain hemorrhage. Some meditation will also be good for the patient. The hemorrhage treatment is easy and challenging at the same time. 


Apart from this, most of the time, Hemorrhage needs to be cured with the help of a doctor. The Hemorrhage needs medicine and surgeries to heal. Some internal brain hemorrhage surgeries are severe. Also, hydration has a vital role in healing hemorrhage. 


One of the best medicines for Hemorrhage is Tranexamic acid, also known as TAX. TAX is a costly medicine, but it is best for bleeding. Apart from this, to remove all the blood clots from the brain, the doctor recommends going for surgery.

Is a hemorrhage sign of an emergency?

Definitely, yes, Hemorrhage is a sign of an emergency. As we know, internal hemorrhages are more dangerous than external hemorrhages. You can balance the external Hemorrhage, but in the case of internal bleeding, you have to be very serious because internal Hemorrhage can be a challenging ride for you.


The internal Hemorrhage needs instant medical action. Hemorrhage is an emergency and a common issue in the medical industry. So if you get any symptoms of Hemorrhage, then immediately go to the doctor. 

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How to heal from Hemorrhage?

Hemorrhage can be healed by resting and taking good hydration, but we would not suggest that. According to research, many people die yearly because of internal Hemorrhage. So make sure that you take proper care of yourself from the Hemorrhage. 


But some hemorrhage issues do not always need a doctor. If the patient is dedicatedly suffering from those symptoms, they must go to a doctor’s check-up. One MRI can solve all the questions, then why take risks with a precious life?


Best doctors for Hemorrhage

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What are notable points about Hemorrhage?

When a blood vessel bursts and starts bleeding, it is called a hemorrhage. Internal and external Hemorrhage mostly makes the patient tired and weak as well. Apart from this, people who are facing Hemorrhage causes also have to face breathing problems. Also, the whole body gets super cold when someone touches it.

The treatment of Hemorrhage depends on where the Hemorrhage happened and if the Hemorrhage is very serious or not. Apart from this, if someone is seriously having problems with taking breaths and has icy skin, then you should call the doctor quickly because there are some chances that they might suffer from internal Hemorrhage causes.

External bleeding is severe as internal but external bleeding can be cured immediately, but you can not stop the internal bleeding quickly. Brain stroke or internal Hemorrhage causes an 86.3% chance of death if the person is not sent to the doctor immediately. But still, it can be cured.

Most hemorrhages can be fixed or cured within two weeks, but some are exceptions. However, low blood pressure is also a specific reason for Hemorrhage causes. Excessive external Hemorrhage causes can also put you closer to death. But if you take medical action quickly, it can also be prevented. Getting fully recovered from a hemorrhage takes almost 5 to 4 months.”

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