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All of you are welcome to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital Doctors List Post. Dhaka Medical College Hospital has achieved trust, support, and an excellent reputation throughout the nation for its quality medical service at the perfect time. 

We are providing the Dhaka Medical College Hospital Doctors List and their specifications so that you may have their details and decide which doctor will be best for you or your dear ones. 

Center of Excellence:

Dhaka Medical College Hospital, delivers exceptional treatment and care for a diverse range of diseases, leveraging its specialty expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • Established: 1946
  • Specialization in: Multi-Specialty Hospital
  • Address: Secretariat Rd, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
  • OPD Timings of Hospital: Mon-Fri: 8 am to 4.30 pm | Sat: 8 am to 12.30 pm
  • We Accept: Cash, Debit, or Credit Card

Hospital Delegation:


Edoctor booking - Hospital CertificationsEdoctor booking - Hospital Certifications

Dhaka Medical College Hospital Appointment Number & Contact Details-

  • Phone:0255165001
  • Email: dmch@hospi.dghs.gov.bd
  • Exchange: +8802-55165130-42

Dhaka Medical College Hospital Amenities & Facilities and Patient Care

24 hours SupportAccommodationDietLab AssistanceCar or Ambulance ServicePharmacy

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Dhaka Medical College Hospital Doctors list by Departments

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Dhaka Medical College Hospital Doctors List

Post Doctor’s Name Contact Numbers Email Address
Professor and Head of the department Dr. Khan Abul Kalam Azad Contacts: 01711525406 Email: mmrahman61@gmail.com
Professor Dr. Md. Mojibur Rahman Contacts: 01711527829 Email: drshyamalbd@yahoo.com
Professor Dr. Shyamal Sharkar Contacts: 01712269294 Email: drhafizsardar@yahoo.com
Professor Dr. Md. Hafiz Sardar Contacts: 01711591770 Email: titum21@gmail.com
Professor Dr. Md Titu Mia Contacts: 01720910541 Email: ahmedul_986@gmail.com
Professor Dr. Ahmedul Kabir Contacts: 01711600111 Email: drkashem@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Abul Kasem Contacts: 01819245921 Email: drsm_arif@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Robed Amin Contacts: 01711825787 Email: robedamin@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Arpana Das Contacts: 01713097627 Email: apana_0191@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Jayed Hossein Contacts: 01713097627 Email: zhvalentino@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Partho Protim Das Contacts: 01715567241 Email: dmck53babun@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md Matlebur Rahman Contacts: 01712040933 Email: rahmanmotlabur@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Pradip Kumar Biswas Contacts: 01816828895 Email: prodipaurko@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Gobindho Chandra Contacts: 01716527551 Email: Gobinda_0171@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor Dr. A K M Humayun Kabir Contacts: 01711137528 Email: drakmhkabir@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Shamistha Biswas Contacts: 01712969025 Email: Sarmibiswas365@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md Murad Hossain Contacts: 01711112984 Email: mhossaink53@gmail.com
Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Saifullah Contacts: 01770347109 Email: dr.saifullah41@gmail.com

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